We were getting things done

My sister and I decided to trek up north last month to see our favorite football team win in the playoffs, but it was a 12-hour drive to get to the game. We knew there would be a drastic change in the temperatures, but we were ready. When we had left our home, it as 77 and still a bit humid. But when we arrived to the football game, the temp had dropped drastically to 25 degrees and it even began to snow. Snow is no big deal because we enjoy snow and football together. During our fourth day in town, the heat in my sister’s car suddenly stopped working. We did not have any extra cash to service the heater, because the playoff tickets were so much money. My sister and I drove around without heat for 3 afternoons. We enjoyed watching the playoffs and our favorite football team won with ease. However, when it came time to drive back home, all of us decided to use a debit card to service the car heater issue. We stopped at a car dealership in the city, and asked them to look into the heating problem! Both of us hoped the issue would be minor and something self-explanatory to fix. After 30 minutes, heating tech came out to tell us that all of us had a simple blown fuse. During the many afternoons up north, my sister and I drove around without any heat, because of that issue. We did not realize the problem could have been a repair we could have fixed on our own in a few minutes. We did not even spend $100 on a current fuse plus labor. My sister plus I drove the whole way home, laughing about our entire situation.

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