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Childhood can be such a delightful time. I remember being a child and being thrilled almost all the time. I did not have what most adults would consider a charmed childhood, but I didn’t think that. I just lived and was thrilled doing it. My father died when I was just numerous years old, but I didn’t let it ruin my childhood. My mother and siblings loved me, and every one of us just went on doing what every one of us did. I loved to read as a kid. I still do, actually. Back then, a single of my preferred book characters was Winnie the Pooh. I used to love reading about his adventures in the 100 acre wood with Christopher Robin and the other animals. I was such a fan of how much Winnie the Pooh loves honey. He was always trying to get the honey out of the beehive, and more often than not the bees got their revenge on him. The honey pot would often land upside down on his head or crack when it hit the ground. The bees would swarm and get miserable at him for messing with their home and the fruits of their labor. But bears will be bears. They simply cannot resist honey, right? It’s quite interesting how so multiple kids have a fascination with wasps or bees, however even as an adult I can read about them with delight. Now that does not mean I am all fired up about that honeycomb-shaped nest appearing in the corner near my front door. No way. In fact, I always call in a beekeeping residential services contractor to take care of the wasp or bee removal and relocation.

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