The house really is dirty

Professional carpet cleaning takes a lot more than just a carpet cleaning.  Anyone can go into a shopping center and rent a carpet cleaner. You can even buy a carpet cleaner.  All they are doing is surface cleaning. It takes a professional cleaner with a truck mount to be able to do a professional job.  The carpet cleaning service should be able to lay out their three step plan. When they first come to your house, they should spray on a solution.  This is made to loosen the dirt at the base of the fibers and allow it to be easily vacuumed out. Usually the cleaner will leave this on your carpet for a couple hours to overnight, depending on how dirty your carpeting appears.  They will return and do a first scrubbing. This pulls up the loosened dirt and does a deep cleaning. The cleaning also serves to lift the fiber and refresh, so the carpet that has heavy traffic is lifted and looks new. Then they will return a third time.  On this cleaning, they will use a special wand cleaner. It not only helps to clean the carpet, but it also sucks the dirt and water out of the carpet leaving behind only a fresh clean smell and a barely damp carpet. There should never be any wetness, but the slight feel of damp for a few hours.  These three steps are crucial to ensuring that you have clean and sanitized carpeting that looks like the day it was bought, without the new smell. .

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