That was nice

A close buddy of mine just went through the formal training and education to become a certified heating, ventilation and air conditioner maintenance professional; I couldn’t be more proud of him, as I think he’s been now working tirelessly to receive his proper certification for the past year! Plus, I was more than ecstatic to let him practice a few repairs on my own home’s heating and air conditioner system, he was able to get our broken-down aged gas oil furnace up and running in under a morning, which I thought was fantastic! He absolutely knows many things, which is why I’m starting to think I should consider the same path. I can’t imagine how useful it must be to have that skill-set, so tons of people in our area are always in need of repairs for their air conditioner equipment more than anything else, and just last month, I could’ve have really used the skills of a heating and air conditioner repair tech as the thermostat started acting kind of strange! I don’t think how else to explain it, but the thermostat was very old, but it wasn’t a simple dial thermostat either. I am thinking that it might’ve been a single of the first digital a singles from at least thirty years ago. I watched as the settings switched from heat to cool, back and forth, multiple times over before shutting down altogether. I had to hit up a certified heating and air conditioner professional to come out to our house and inspect the thermostat, even though I was sure he would just tell me to buy a new a single, and sure enough, he said it was mostly due time to trade our aged thermostat in for something a little more modern.

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