Dropping the problems

Going to the dentist is something I dread for every reason. Today, I had an appointment to fill a cavity. My appointment was at twelve o’clock, but I was stuck sitting in the waiting room until one in the afternoon. Due to the fact that the dentist always keeps me waiting, I was prepared. I brought along a crossword puzzle in order to pass the time. I was not ready for the chill in the waiting room however. It is the end of October, and although the weather is kind of mild, autumn has definitely showed up. The leaves have changed colors and are starting to fall, and the average temperature is around sixty-five degrees. I was comfortable in jeans and a T-shirt, but I brought along a rain jacket because rain was coming.  I was very thankful I brought a jacket, because the dentist’s office was terribly cold. They were blasting the air conditioner at full force. I could feel the cold air pouring out of the vents. I tried changing seats multiple times, but could not avoid the super cold air. Once I was called into the main room, I really hoped that my appointment would go by quicker. The dental hygienist got me situated in the chair, put a cardstock bib around my neck, and left me there, waiting for twenty more minutes, suffering under air conditioner. I’m don’t know when the dentist shuts down the air conditioner and starts the heater. Today would have been a good day to go without using any HVAC system, cut down on energy costs, and enjoy outside breeze.

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