A small gas furnace

I have typically wanted a large farm house; You think the kind – with the wrap around porch, silos, a barn out back, and all kinds of land. When I’m talking large, I actually mean large; roughly 5-6 living rooms, 3-4 washrooms, several family living spaces, and so on. I finally had found the perfect apartment last year and couldn’t have been more gleeful about it! I closed on the apartment quite swiftly and moved in right away. I have been loving our first year of home ownership! I love our substantial home, so much to decorate and I can typically have room for when our family wants to visit at any given moment! However, I was swiftly snapped into reality though when I got our last several electric bills. It is Summer here and let me tell you, it is scorching hot! With that being said, I have been running the central air and I just couldn’t believe our last few electric bills! I almost fell out of our chair when I was going through our mail. I was incredibly concerned about the amount I was spending and felt love something was off so I had a worker come out to survey the system. While the worker was there, he discovered that there were several air leaks throughout the enormous house. I was running our cooling system for nothing pretty much because I was cooling the outdoors with all the leaks I had in the windows and all of the doors that lead outside. I had the worker repair those leaks and had the insulation problems fixed as well. It has been several months and our electric bill has dropped significantly and I couldn’t be happier!