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About more than fivemonths ago, I gave up eating sugar and flour as space of my up-to-date weight loss eating plan. Remember when an eating system was just called a diet? I digress, but. Anyway, when I gave up sugar, of course the first thing I wanted to do was to turn to my friend honey to sweeten up my drinks and foods. However, honey is not the solution. It turns out that the eating system demands that I supply up all sweeteners, not just cane sugar. I am not supposed to eat honey, either. Nor saccharin or splenda. It doesn’t sound difficult, and it’s not too terrible, however there is a single thing I do miss. I miss having honey in my hot tea, especially when I have a scratchy throat. I miss having that delightful golden treasure to smoothly glide down my gullet and make me recognize comforted. In a similar vein, I entirely miss peanut butter and honey sandwiches. I think the classic is made with jelly, but I was always a fan of having honey poured atop that creamy peanut spread. Also, when I gave up honey, I came to realize that the sore throat candies I use when I am hoarse have honey! All I can say is, there must be a lot of entirely busy bees out there in the beekeeper hives, because every times I turn around I am faced with something else that is sweetened by the magic of honey. Are you on some kind of special eating plan? I do pretty well with mine, however every once in a while I blow it and eat all the wrong things.

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