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Almost whenever the two of us go to art class, I always recognize prefer I’m taking a opportunity whenever I get dressed in the day, but you see, our art class is in this building where the heating and a/c is literally never at a constant temperature, then so you just never think if you’re going to be cold to death from all of the air conditioning unit or if you’ll be perspiring your butt off from all of the heating. It’s really a terrible thing either, due to the fact that the two of us really like the art class and the two of us are in love with the teacher as well. It’s just the uncertainty of the Heating and A/C system in the building that’s the problem, but the last time the two of us had class, the oil furnace ran non-stop the whole time the two of us were trying to learn about painting lifelike birds, well, I was so sizzling from all the heat falling in from the air vents in the ceiling that by the end of class, I had dripped sweat all over my dang bird paintings! They looked more prefer limp balloons than feathery friends. But the time before that, our classroom was so cold that it felt prefer a refrigerated boxcar, and my educator tried to adjust the thermostat however the air conditioning system wouldn’t stop operating no matter what the two of us pressed. I’m not sure what the issue is in that building, however I really wish that the management would call in a professional Heating and A/C repair tech to check out the oil furnace and the air conditioning system unit. Or at least have them look at the thermostat! Maybe it’s a simple matter of replacing the thermostat and everything would be twice as good.

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