We are still waiting for the technician

My family and I had just had a small club house built for our children in the backyard of our home. We had everything done to make it the best little hang out around! We wanted it to feel like a private space and home for our kids, so that way they can get a small taste of what it will be like when they get older and go out on their own! The only thing that was missing was getting some kind of heating as well as air conditioning for them. We looked at a bunch of different options and even called the local heating and cooling company here in town to get their input. They explained that the best option for that little club house would be something called a ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating system. These kind of heating and cooling systems work just the same as general central heating and cooling systems, except with the ductless mini-split system there is no ductwork installation needed. This will save a ton of money on the certified heating and cooling specialist costs for the HVAC work that will need to be done. We agreed to go with the ductless mini-split system after all was said and done. At that point we went and called back the local, friendly and helpful heating and cooling corporation and had them schedule an HVAC appointment a few weeks out for the certified heating and air conditioning specialist to come and instal the ductless mini-split air conditioning as well as the heating system!

ductless mini splitĀ