Thick blooded vs. thin blooded

When it comes to how well people tolerate the heat or the cold, some people say it’s a matter of thick blood vs thin blood. I don’t know if that’s anatomically accurate, but even if it’s a figurative explanation, it makes sense to me. You see, I was born and raised about as far north as you can get in this country. Negative five degrees fahrenheit was a fact of life on some cold nights in the middle of the winter up there. We didn’t just rely on our furnaces and boilers, we needed them for survival! Air conditioning was practically not needed up there, except for some summers that were freakishly warm on occasion. And by freakishly warm in this context, I mean pushing 80 degrees! When I moved much farther down south, I found that the concept of what is considered cold is entirely different down there. Where I came from, 50 degrees called for a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. People down south instead dressed like they were in below-freezing temperatures. It made me laugh more often than not, and I got quite a few curious stares with the way I would dress in such weather. Owning a home down south was delightful in the winter. Except for some rare nights that would dip into the thirties at times, I would most often open the windows and get a delightful cross breeze in the winter, not crank the heater. My neighbors thought I was crazy for this, but then, when the summer months came, you can bet I was using an air conditioning system just as much as the rest of them!

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