The HVAC plan is no longer operational

A good cup of joe in the morning means everything to me. I don’t necessarily consider myself to be addicted to caffeine, but I feel absolutely miserable without my cup of coffee in the morning. There is this lovely cafe downtown that I always visit on a weekday morning before heading down to my office building, just a couple blocks away. I would get up a half hour earlier just to make enough time for this trip. At times, especially in the winter, when I was standing in that coffee shop, I was very remiss to leave it behind and walk in the freezing cold all the way to my office building. It’s not that I have to walk all the way to my office building from my apartment every morning, as I do take the bus. Thankfully, that bus has a decent heating system, but what I really wished was that I could do my office work in that cafe. I don’t have a problem with interacting with coworkers, but most days, that’s not even part of my job! So, I really didn’t see what the big deal was for me to do my work in that cafe. After all, the HVAC system in that cafe created a much more warm and inviting atmosphere than the cold office I had to work in. Then, I got a promotion, and my dream came true. I suddenly had a lot more freedom as to where I would spend my work day, and I finally got to relax in that coffee shop and type away on my laptop and make phone calls in a much warmer and inviting atmosphere.

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