The hazards of the heater

I teach at a school that is a walking district. Because the area is so small, the students are expected to walk to school rather than taking buses. This is not usually a problem, but in the winter, it is often too cold outside for the students to walk. This results in a number of two hour delays at the start of the school day. The thought is that the weather will warm up a little as the day goes on making the walk a little easier on the students. However, the students are often complaining about this because it is still very cold even after the delays. When the students finally get to school, they can’t get warmed up because the heating in the building functions very poorly. There is little relief from the bitter, cold air outside. While the administration claims to be operating the heater at full function, the hallways are still freezing. Students end up keeping their jackets on to try to stay warm, which is a hazard and takes up a lot of space. In my classroom, I was forced to purchase several space heaters to compensate for the poor heating. While many teachers choose to just suck it up, I want to be comfortable and I want my students to be comfortable. It is difficult for students to learn when they are shivering and complaining about the temperature of the room. If we are going to have students walking in the cold, then I believe that it is our responsibility to provide effective heating for when the students finally arrive. They should be greeted with a gust of warm air and a cozy environment. It seems to me that the principal should contact a heating and cooling technician to service our heating system. Better yet, we should replace the whole thing!

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