Living alone and setting the thermostat how you want

I just graduated from college and before now I had never lived by myself. I have always shared a house or apartment with many other girls so we could afford the rent. During college, it was really hard to make ends meet because we were all constantly in the library studying or going to class. My parents weren’t able to help me out with money during college so the little money I did have went straight to bills. I really wish that my parents could have helped me out a little bit, but that was not the case. I finally took a job offer for more money than I asked for and could actually afford to get a place on my own. Now that I live by myself, I think it would be really hard for me to go back to living with roommates. One thing that is really hard to settle on when living with other people is what to set the thermostat on. Some people like it really cold while others love the heater on. However, that doesn’t matter anymore because I can set my thermostat to whatever temperature I want. I could have the air conditioner blasting on day and have the heat pumping through the apartment the next day. I love this new sense of freedom and I don’t want to ever have to give it up! It is going to take a really special person to get me to leave my cute little apartment and my perfect HVAC settings.