Cheap rent of apartment is offset by high cost of running heating and cooling system

I am currently on a very tight budget, and by necessity, I’m renting a small apartment.  My apartment is not located in the greatest neighborhood, and the building is in desperate need of updates.  The porch sags, the front door doesn’t close properly and most of the windows are painted shut. There is insufficient insulation in the walls, and I doubt the electric is up to code.  There aren’t enough power outlets, and if I run the microwave and coffee maker at the same time, I trip the breaker. The water pressure is very low, and most of the faucets tend to drip.  The toilet runs constantly, and I’m suspicious of a leak because the bathroom floor feels spongy beneath my feet. I am putting up with all of these problems because the rent is so cheap. However, my biggest complaint is the heating and cooling system. Since I’m responsible for the cost of the utilities, the inefficient furnace and air conditioner are good reasons to look for a new apartment.  During the summer months, I try never to start up the air conditioner. It makes a tremendous amount of noise, smells very musty and struggles to keep up with demand. Despite how high I set the thermostat, the air conditioner never shuts off. It simply runs non stop and costs me a tremendous amount on my electric bill. In the winter, I have no choice but to run the furnace. The outside temperature is often below freezing, and even with bundling up in sweaters and slippers, I need the heater to keep warm.  Unfortunately, the heating system doesn’t put out very much hot air and yet it fills the apartment with dust. It also costs a fortune to operate.