Burning electrical smell coming from HVAC system

I had a bit of a scare with my HVAC system recently. I do my best to maintain it well, but it would seem that some of the parts were starting to seize up and not function correctly. It was about a month before I typically would have my air conditioning checked for the summer, but something made me call out the HVAC guy a little sooner. There was this odor in the air that concerned me whenever the air conditioning was running. It seemed to be electrical in nature. I have to admit that I did not attend to it immediately, but the day after I first detected it, it really starting to get bad. I decided that I needed to go to check the air filter. There didn’t appear to be any blockage, so that wasn’t the problem. I figured it was best to shut all the equipment down completely and call out an HVAC technician to find out where the burning electrical scent was originated from. When the HVAC technician arrived, he immediately recognized the lingering electrical odor. He started looking around the various mechanical parts of my HVAC system and eventually discovered the problem. The indoor blower motor had overheated as a result of faulty bearings, and the excessive heat had begun to melt some of the wiring in the system. It certainly could have turned into a fire hazard, and I was pretty thankful that I called out the HVAC technician when I did and shut off the system until he arrived!

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