We were not concerned

Jill and I are twin sisters. Most people say to us that they would love to have a twin, but there are somethings about being a twin that can get quite annoying. I can’t even count the number of times that I have been told we don’t look like sisters. We aren’t identical and I am much taller and broader than Jill. Jill got the brains and I got the strength, so when we work together we make a really great team. I do worry about Jill not being able to stick up for herself sometimes because she is very shy and doesn’t want any drama. I am the opposite and I will speak my mind to anyone that asks. This is why when she opened a HVAC company I asked her to hire me on after six months. I had this feeling that some of the HVAC technicians weren’t being honest about how many hours they were working while they were out repairing HVAC system. So, I asked her to hire me as floor manager so I could keep an eye on things. I was right and several of the HVAC technicians were leaving work early and taking two hour lunch breaks. Once I found this out, I put an end to it right away and fired two HVAC technicians. After this, all the other HVAC technicians stay in line and we ran a much more efficient HVAC company. The HVAC companies profit has almost doubled since I was brought on board.

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