My landlord knows nothing about his HVAC system

I’ve been living at this rental property for well over a year now, and even now I still haven’t decided if my landlord is actually a person with malicious intent or if he’s just incredibly foolish. Just last month, I was on the phone with him again and I brought up the fact that the boiler still hasn’t been inspected. I’m seriously worried about this piece of HVAC technology. This boiler is well over thirty years old, makes an awful racket when its running, and goes through oil like a dying car. I’m thinking it needs a tune-up at the very least, which it really obviously does because the records show the boiler has not been cared for at all by any HVAC company in over three years now. But last time, he told me that this boiler needs no extra care since it doesn’t use an air filter and has no HVAC ducts that need to be cleaned. He also seems to think that boiler in our rental property cast iron. I tried to explain that though I don’t know how many rental properties he is currently leasing out, this one does not have a cast iron boiler. I know this because I took down the model and serial number and looked it up–its a type of stainless steel boiler. Which you can really tell just by looking at it. While a cast iron boiler can last for fifty years or more, a stainless steel boiler will give you thirty years at best, and that’s with maintenance, which this thing is not getting. I just want this boiler dealt with before it actually dies on us.

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