Making the switch for mother earth

When my husband and I came into a substantial amount of money, we knew we wanted to invested it in something that mattered to us, and create something we could pass down to the kids one day. For that reason, we decided to take a portion of the money and redo the entire HVAC system for our home. We were determined to purchase a system that would be better for the environment as well as our bank account. However, doing so is not the easiest thing for us. While most folks can use a heat pump to achieve this effect, this won’t work for my family. We live in the far northwest, where winters are long and harsh, making heat pumps which are installed in a wall and take the heat from the air ineffective. For this reason, my husband and I decided on a geothermal heat pump. This type of ductless mini split HVAC creates heat from the earth itself. Unlike the heat pumps which take warmth from the air, the geothermal heat pump can keep the house warm regardless of how cold it is or how long the winter lasts. Unlike other types of heating and cooling, the geothermal heat pump needs no fuel to run. This means that the geothermal is both better for our wallets, our health, and the environment. The geothermal heat pump puts off absolutely no VOCS. We’re working to have this system installed in tandem with a new set of solar panels that will work to power the system as well, for sustainable home heating and cooling our family can count on for years to come.

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