HVAC is what keeps our library going

Unless you’ve worked at a library, you might be entirely unaware just how important the heating and cooling system is to the sanctity of the building the resources it houses within. See, your local library is more than just what you see on display. Often away from the prying eyes of the public is a seperate system which works to keep older documents, books, and pieces of local history safe. This system is known as the archives, and is managed by an archivist to keep those materials in the best condition possible. The archives can be accessed often by filling out a permissions form with the library stating the purpose of your research and requested materials. If permission is granted, you will be able to use the materials in that specialized space and often under supervision. Often times the materials will not be permitted to leave the space due to the need for unique climate control. This room will require its own HVAC zone control in order to keep the materials in the unique conditions which they require. The rest of the library also requires that HVAC system to keep the books dry and cool so they can be in their best condition possible for patrons. In order to maintain this, the local library has a humidistat and a dehumidifier built into the system. The humidistat controls the moisture levels in the air to keep it as dry as possible, while the air purification system keeps the air clean and free of dust and debris and even bacteria, which keeps the library a clean and healthy space at all times. Without proper HVAC maintenance to keep this system running perfectly, the library would truly cease to function for the public.

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