The weather is tough

When I was a little child plus I would get aggravated about something, my mother would always tell me, “It’s not the end of the world.” Of course she was right. What goes up must come down, after all. Things always look better after sleeping on it, right. Now, as an adult, I always remember that she used to say that, plus it helps me through life’s big troubles plus little annoyances. One thing that always feels like the end of the world, however, is Heating plus A/C trouble. Heating plus cooling systems are overpriced. In fact, next to the mortgage itself, the roof plus the Heating plus A/C units are the costliest section of owning a home. Therefore, if something breaks plus you have to call in the heating plus cooling dealer, you usually brace yourself for bad news. In addition to the cost issue, most of us can no longer to be separate from the correct heating or cooling. All of us are wimps nowadays, plus opening the windows is no longer an option for most of us. When my a/c doesn’t work, I look up at heaven plus say, “It feels like the end of the world.” I know my Dad is hearing me, but she is really just chuckling to herself about it. The same is tscheme when the thermostat dips down low. Although I live in the south, we do periodically have evenings where the temperature reaches below the freezing mark. On those mornings, periodically a blanket just isn’t enough. I like to throw some wood into the fireplace plus set the gas furnace thermostat to keep my pipes from freezing.

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