It’s time for me to relax

I am not big on spoiling myself with luxurious experiences or things, but there are a few things that I without a doubt need in order to function as a proper human being would. First things first, I absolutely need to have excellent indoor air temperature control because I am always freezing; it takes literally no effort for my body to be covered head to toe in goosebumps, even with the smallest breeze of air. Now, because of this personal quirk I am obsessed with having control over regulating the temperature that surrounds my body – so I’m pretty interested in our heating and cooling system and smart thermostat. Secondly, I have another quirk that requires me to either be enrolled in a monthly gym membership or forces me to be creative at my own house if I’d rather save money. It is imperative that I spend time in warm, highly humid environments for a certain amount of time each week. If I don’t steam myself out, my sinuses will throw a fit and stop working entirely for weeks on end. Due to this, I have to seek out saunas on an almost daily basis to keep my respiratory system in proper working order. I was paying for a gym membership just to overuse their sauna, but I really disliked hanging out with a bunch of sweaty, naked strangers. So, I thought it was time to create my own sauna in my own house now – basically all I do is run the shower as hot as it goes, add in an extra space heater and the bathroom is a steamy dream for my sinuses!

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