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My home Heating and A/C is not the greatest model. What I hate the most is that you have to decide heating or cooling. Most Heating and A/C units allow you to set a temperature on a control machine and the Heating and A/C reaches it. The plan decides if it would take heating or cooling to get to that certain degree. With my plan I need to select heating or air conditioning. Sometimes I don’t guess what to do. The winters in the south make it hard for me. Certain mornings are sizzling and sunny. The temperatures get into the 69s. This is when I turn on my AC plan and let cooling bring the temperature down. However, the southern mornings get pretty cold. A morning of rain and no sun also brings the temperatures way down. I have to be on it with my control unit. The last thing I want is to assume air conditioning on a murky morning. I then need to switch the control machine over to heating. Next thing I guess though, the sun has come back out. It is annoying and I constantly assume prefer I am not picking right. Most of the time I go without Heating and A/C because it is such a pain. I assume prefer the home will naturally be a better temperature than what I decide. Does anyone prefer that style of Heating and A/C? What is the point in letting myself and others decide heating or cooling? When there is a temperature I want, I want it to be that no matter what. Maybe my control machine and Heating and A/C are just stupid.

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