The air conditioner I need

I am the private school dance coach. Our school has more than one gymnasiums because the private school plus middle school are linked. The gyms are not similar at all though. The middle school gym is way smaller plus older. The radio method barely works. Also it does not have any air conditioner.  Another issue is that all of our dance mats are in the private school gym. Because of these reasons, I try to get our practices in the private school gym. It is a constant confrontation with the basketball plus volleyball coaches though. I am typically trying to get a time slot in the better gym. Since every athletic interest wants to have AC, it is next to impossible to get in there. What entirely angers me is when the volleyball coach tells me that my guys don’t need AC. Cheerleading is severely physical. The guys stunt, dance plus do tumbling during the practice. They get sizzling plus sweaty enjoy any other athletic interest… Doing stunts with sweaty hands is dangerous. Tumbling when you are overheating can be terrifying. So the air conditioner unit is necessary to keep us at a reasonable temperature. The volleyball coach entirely should be able to deliver up the AC. The middle school gym has unit for them. Also the team travels for games. Not every school has A/C in the gym. It would be good for the volleyball team to get used to not typically having AC. The coach never likes when I bring that up though. One of these mornings all of us are going to get into a confrontation over AC.

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