We really did enjoy that decision

I admit I take climate control a little more seriously than everyone else. When I’m shopping, going out to a restaurant, or watching a movie at the theater, I measure the venue’s quality and worthiness of my business by the HVAC’s effectiveness and the thermostat settings. Will I shop in a grocery store with amazing bargains and sales but has nearly minimal heat in the winter and barely any air conditioning in the summer? Definitely not. I prioritize the store environment over potential deals, because let’s be honest, do you really think I’m going to sit through an entire movie in a freezing theater? No way. I’ll walk right out of the theater and wait to rent the movie for a dollar. If you think I am going to enjoy even the most delicious meal in a diner that is either bone-chilling cold or unbearably hot, you must be crazy. By now, you can probably guess that I own a state-of-the-art heating and cooling system for my own condo and that I spared no expense to ensure that my condo remains at the perfect temperature, regardless of the season or the weather. You’re correct! Everyone has their priorities—mine is making sure I’m never uncomfortable in my own house.