There are many keys

I love going to see the elderly in the community & doing things for them like baking goodies, studying books, cleaning, & anything else that would help them out! One elderly lady in recognizable has difficulties moving around & getting things done like grocery shopping & stuff. One day I knocked on the door & she answered for me to come in & when I walked into her home it was like ice. She was sitting in her rocking chair & looking undoubtedly lethargic, i asked what was going on & she told me that her home began to get frigid but that she couldn’t check it out & was waiting for me to arrive so I could call the HVAC corporation that she had the signed contract with to check out the A/C & Heating system. I called the corporation & they sent out an A/C serviceman who immediately figured out the complication & fixed it instantly. I made her some warm tea & warmed up some soup to try to moderate her a bit while every one of us were waiting on the house to warm. The two of us sat & talked, had a snack, & listened to some rock n roll on her old record player she had in the residing room, and by the time I left her home was start to become nice, warm, & cozy again. She was undoubtedly thankful that I helped her out & I was just glad to be able to make her day & get her moderate again.  She was finally able to come out of the cocoon & love moving around a bit again without frigid. I really love the moderate fuzzy feeling I get spending time with the elderly & making sure they are safe & well.

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