The furnace gives some problesm

I enjoy visiting the elderly in the community and doing things for them like baking goodies, reading books, cleaning, and anything else that would help them out. One elderly lady in particular has difficulties moving around and getting things done like grocery shopping and stuff. One afternoon I knocked on the door and she answered for me to come in and when I walked into her home it was like ice. She was sitting in her rocking chair and looking very lethargic. I asked what was going on and she told me that her home began to get cold but that she couldn’t check it out and was waiting for me to arrive so I could call the HVAC company that she had the signed contract with to check out the A/C and Heating system. I called the company and they sent out an A/C technician who immediately figured out the problem and fixed it right away. I made her some hot tea and warmed up some soup to try to warm her a bit while we were waiting on the house to warm. We sat and talked, had a snack, and listened to some music on her old record player she had in the living room. By the time I left her home was beginning to become nice, warm, and cozy again. She was very thankful that I helped her out and I was just glad to be able to make her day and get her warm again.  She was finally able to come out of the cocoon and enjoy moving around a bit again without freezing. I really enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling I get spending time with the elderly and making sure they are safe and well.

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