One book can teach you a lot

When my fiancé and I built our current home, we knew we wanted to construct the house out of concrete instead of wood. My fiancé and I found out that there were many pros to a concrete house over a wooden one. Our biggest consideration was our climate. We live in an area that suffers from many hurricanes and tornadoes, so we felt a concrete home would protect us better. A sturdier building just seems much safer. Secondly, a concrete house would be much more insulated from the extreme weather in our region. Where my fiancé and I live we get sizzling summers and bone-chilling winters, but our house’s thick concrete walls and advanced insulation material would ensure warmth in the winter and coolness in the summer, even before turning on the HVAC system. In fact, when we finally installed our HVAC system, we hired a renowned company with expertise that told us we could install a much smaller HVAC system due to the efficient insulation of our concrete walls. In other words, if we had built our house with wood, we would have had to purchase a more powerful and expensive HVAC system. I was pleasantly surprised, and added yet another benefit to our decision build a concrete house rather than a wooden one. Though we still use our HVAC system, it’s nice to have the option of walking into our house with the HVAC turned off, only to find that, depending on the season, it is naturally a few degrees warmer or cooler then the temperature outside.

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