I was reaching my limit

This past weekend I went camping with friends and every one of us had a blast! The two of us decided to go to a campground that had lodges that could be rented. There were several of us total and every one of us split the cost of renting the lodge, splitting the food, and other amenities for the weekend. The two of us checked the lodge out before moving our things into the lodge and observed there was a window air conditioning system unit. The two of us unloaded the car and made the beds. One of the kids made sure to turn the air conditioning system device on but nothing happened when he turned it on, but he made sure to check the power cord and tried again but nothing. She went out and flipped the breaker but nothing. She walked up to the director’s office and let them guess that the Air Conditioner and Heater device was not now working and a single of the staff came back with her, upon inspection the window Heating and A/C device was very broken and would need to be updated with a current unit. The staffer went to the store and bought a current greater device and installed it so every one of us could continue to have a relaxing time. The two of us loved everything that weekend except for the first half of the first day due to the broken Air Conditioning and Heating unit. The director felt disappointing about putting us in a lodge with broken air conditioning system and decided to give us a free weekend another weekend. The two of us were blissful with that! The two of us thanked the director and went on with our weekend of canoeing, cooking out, kneeling by the bonfire, and just enjoying being with a single another away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

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