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I own a photo studio and it’s very important to me to my clients and models are as cool and comfortable as they could be. That’s why when I purchased the studio, I spared no expense on the HVAC system. As I said, I am a photographer, and my shoots can vary in both what I am photographing and how long they take. For the sake of my clients, I need a studio that has good climate control. Sounds easy, right? Well, I use a lot of hot bright lights during the photography process, so it actually becomes difficult. Certain shoots make the models feel like they are battling the sun to stay cool, and the sun is just a few feet away from their face. That’s why I made sure to get a unique kind of cooling system that can put up with the heavy demands through a special function known as rapid cooling. This system required extensive and expensive ductwork to work properly, but as far as I’m concerned, it is important because it makes my studio comfortable. This powerful HVAC unit is quite capable of quickly cooling down a room, almost no matter how hot the room is. It’s called rapid because it is such a super-fast process and in most cases, the central air conditioning system can cool down the entire building it’s being used in in about an hour. Rapid cooling certainly does the trick for my studio, and it surely does the job infinitely faster than a a standard HVAC system every would.