The beaches of Tampa Bay

My buddies as well as I are always searching for modern locales to go fishing.  We try to get away for a weekend every month as well as take a fishing charter. Although all of us had found prime spots for fishing all along the coast of Florida, all of us had never considered Tampa Bay.  I ended up studying an article in a magazine which mentioned Tampa as a great location for landing trophy fish. I did some research online, study some great reviews, as well as booked a trip with a genuinely comprehension able captain.  We took what’s called an inshore flats boat, as well as boarded out of the downtown area. As all of us headed out into the gentle waters of the bay, all of us enjoyed some really gorgeous scenery. Although all of us had a tremendous view of the downtown Tampa skyline, all of us were far away from the congestion.  The captain told us how the bay serves as a natural harbor as well as estuary with a vital connection to the Gulf of Mexico. Right at his confluence of protected waters is a great locale to catch fish. There is quite a wide variety of fish off the coast of Tampa. Some of the local species include tarpon, redfish, sheepshead, cobia as well as even pompano.  With such amazing weather, all of us were in no hurry. The beauty of the surround bay as well as the clear green water was genuinely relaxing. There were quite a few boats out that afternoon, as well as all of us were fascinated by the larger sailboats. My buddies as well as I dug into the cooler for beer as well as sandwiches, as well as eventually cast our our lines into the water.  We didn’t wait long for a tug, as well as all of us had a genuinely successful fishing excursion.

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