My plan is working

When it’s a hot, humid day in the summer, my favorite place to relax is the shooting range. While my friends and acquaintances will all go swim in their pools or head out to the lake, I prefer to practice my marksmanship. Heatwaves make people’s moods go sour at the drop of a hat, which is incredibly annoying when you work retail and have to deal with angry customers each and every day. So, in order to relieve my frustration, I shoot things. But it’s not just the guns, its the surprisingly comfortable environment. The shooting range I to go to is all indoors, so it has HVAC. Keeping it indoors allows the shooting range to remain comfortable no matter how high the temperature gets outside with a fancy HVAC system. Their climate control system somehow keeps the place always smelling fresh and clean, all while keeping the air at a decent humidity level. They bought themselves state of the art heating and air conditioning equipment in order to get their environment just right. Not only am I comfortable because the place is at a cozy temp, but my guns perform better too. I do a better job here than I do shooting cans in the yard or at an outdoor range in the heat. I have to congratulate the owners on their wonderful heating and cooling system that keeps me contented no matter what.

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