I was great with the choice

Twice a month, my roommate and I have this thing where we go out to get our nails done. We seldom treat ourselves to any other luxuries–we don’t do fancy dinner parties and don’t really  lavish ourselves with expensive clothes. But the nail salon we go to is top-notch and pampers us so well that we always come there faithfully. They do so much more than merely paint our nails.  They give all sorts of treatments for your hands. Once the nails are done, you get a hand massage and a relaxing wax dip that thoroughly moisturizes the skin. We greatly appreciate this treatment as we both work with our hands, typing at full-time jobs all day. The massage helps to heal the aches and pains in our hands, while the wax dip keeps our skin healthy and moisturized. Despite the fact that there are just as many chemicals floating around in the air at this salon than any other, you never smell any of it. That’s their one of a kind HVAC system at work. In places we’ve gone to in the past, there are all sorts of odors that can overwhelm your nose and make you feel uncomfortable such as nail polish remover. But not here! Here the only odor is wonderful oil diffusers whose scents are designed to be a stress reliever and calm and relax you. Their HVAC system is constantly working hard alongside awesome air filters and an air purification system to keep the air clean and toxin free. Not only is this healthier for you, but it  create a much more lovely atmosphere. As long as they keep the heating and cooling in great shape, and keep shamelessly pampering us, my roommate and I will be back every time.

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