I was fine with that

I never devoted too much thought to finding where the air in our vent hood ends up, because, at least half the time I was reluctant to believe the air went someplace at all. I used to wonder if I took the vent panel off ceiling above the stove someday, I might not even find ductwork but instead just a wall looking back at me. But as I found out the hard way some random winter morning, the vent hood in our house does indeed work. In fact, it does more work than I could have ever realized.  A few weeks ago, our current roommate moved in and has regularly been trying to learn to cook for her current boyfriend, and well, her first few attempts have not gone well. It smelled so exhausting I had to open the door to the patio for a few minutes before the blizzard and snow started coming down. After that, we left the vent hood on over the whole night, hoping it would clear the smell out by the next morning. Well, when I woke up the living room was cold as ice! I thought the door hadn’t been shut all that well, however that wasn’t it at all. It was cold around the stove specifically, and the terrible electric furnace was consistently cycling without stopping. I had completely forgotten that leaving the vent hood not only removes smells, it takes out your warm air! I had turn it off and had to advocate to our roommate to only run the vent hood for 20 minutes each time… Otherwise, we’ll be looking at one incredible utility bill.

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