I need to get the bees out of here

My wife, Angela works as an electronic serviceman for the local government.  She is in charge of maintaining the crucial pump stations for the entire sewer division.  One Summer they had a severe concern that had nothing to do with the operation of the pumps.  There was an infestation of a rare kind of hornet. When they hired a local exterminator, the worker told them that this variety was a European Hornet.  This species is known to be extra vicious and are double the size of a normal hornet. He said that he had rarely came across an infestation of them but it was necessary to  eradicate them. These are not like gentle honeybees which typically do no harm to people. These hornets have been known to go after people and animals if they feel their space has been invaded and their sting can cause considerable pain.   The hornets had found a way into the walls of the pump station. The exterminator placed a tent over the facility to safely handle the nest. It was either that or cut open the wall where they believed the main nest was situated. This would have added to necessary repairs and  could have been dangerous if they stirred up the entire nest. I looked up this type of hornet online and was shocked by the size. I don’t like bees of any kind but this type looked like a creature out of a nightmare. I am not sure how my wife and her coworkers managed to work in that building with those hornets.  

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