I need the bees gone

My friends and I recently rented a fishing shack near a lake  for a week. We ended up with a minor and rather unusual problem.  This was mid fall we were happy to see a fireplace for heating if the weather turned chilly. The place was simple and rather outdated.  It appeared as if no one had stayed l there in quite a while. For us, it was ideal. We all got unpacked then walked down to the shoreline to drop our lines.  Once the sun set, it got a bit cold. We decided to head back to cook dinner and get a fire going for warmth. When my buddy Chris first started the kindling, the whole cabin filled with smoke.  I then looked at the damper and saw that it was closed. As soon as I opened it, bees began to rapidly fill the cabin. Fortunately, the smoke had calmed them abit. They didn’t seem to be in attack mode.  I immediately closed the damper again. My buddy Nate called the owner right away. The owner said that he wasn’t aware of any problem with bees in the chimney but he promised call a professional to remove them  first thing in the day. That didn’t help us keep warm for the first night. We bundled up in a whole bunch of layers of clothes because it was especially cold. The bee removal professional showed up bright and early in the morning.  He said it was best to start the job before the hive was active again. My friends and I were gone fishing all day. When we returned, there was a slip on the door saying that the hive had been removed and it was safe to use the fireplace.  The warned of the smell of smoke inside because they had to use a special mix of woodsmoke to handle the bees without angering them. The whole ordeal just added to the adventure, and we got a credit for the rental.

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