It was such a long week

My fiance and I just bought our first home… While anticipated taking on a lot of DIY tasks the two of us hadn’t ever dealt with while renting places, the last thing the two of us had on our minds as we signed off on the condo was the amount of paperwork that would soon follow… Paperwork from the bank, paperwork from the real estate office, paperwork from the insurance supplier–even paperwork from the city! Our pile grows and grows… Our condo shopping list now has a filing cabinet as priority number one. “And here the two of us thought the two of us were going to want a dining room table or a custom closet organizer!” my fiance laughed. Despite this, our primary concern caring for the central heater! My wifey and I moved in the fall. It seemed smarter to to move all of this heavy furniture when the summer heat had passed. While the move was less difficult, now we’re rushing to get our oil heating system tanks filled before Wintertide is upon us… In the meantime, I am doing all I can to make sure the two of us don’t miss anything substantial in this paperwork. I spent much of the weekend scanning the homeowner’s insurance, making a to do list of all that was expected of us before it entered the filing cabinet and became forgotten entirely. In my search, I discovered something really important that we had missed: the two of us need to get a heating and air conditioning equipment tune-up at a minimum of twice each year, and through the supplier our insurance firm uses! I had to suddenly cancel our oil heater tune-up for next week, only to call this other HVAC supplier and book it with them. If the two of us don’t care for our oil furnace to the letter of this agreement, the insurance won’t cover it should it fall apart on us.

HVAC service plan