I am setting this right now

Over the past couple of months, my fiance and I have been getting changingly perplexed plus concerned over our lighting bill… You see, every month since July, we’ve noticed the light bill continues to go up. Now, I should preface with a few things. He and I have been renting this town home for over a year. So, we’re accustomed to the fluctuation of the bills with the seasons. For the most part, the bill only entirely spikes in the winter. During this time of the year, the sun goes down at 3:30. My fiance and I physically need the lights on more just to live. But we’re not even close to winter, and the utility bill has gone up almost a hundred dollars. My fiance and I searched the farm home top to bottom make sure none of our lights are being left on. We haven’t bought a window AC unit or any other major appliance, so there’s no culprit we can point to as the cause of the light bill going up so much! Once we were in October, I had to go down to the basement to get our fall decorations. While I was down there, I wanted to glance over the gas boiler. Not only is the boiler 36 years old, but according to the card on the side,it also hasn’t been inspected in five years! Though we haven’t turned the heat on yet, we use the boiler to heat our water… Could our gas boiler be so old that its running up the electricity bill to heat our water? The only way to find out is to get our property owner to inspect the boiler.

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