I was okay with the humidity

I care about my first apartment, even if most people else thinks I’m silly for it. Instead of living in a soulless new complex, I elected to save my money and transfer into an old triple decker that started as a large apartment built in 1920. Almost nothing has been renovated in it, and I genuinely care about it for it! It has gorgeous real tile–not the fake laminate most apartments do–real wood floors, a beautiful old deep soaker tub, crown molding, and a unbelievable gas boiler for central heating. The setback which caused most people but myself and others to walk away from what is otherwise an adorable and spacious home is the windows–they are also original and have never been resealed. The proprietor showed myself and others that they have storm windows, which will entirely help with drafts, but even I could tell they were going to be a problem. But I also suppose a gas boiler was an awesome household feature, as they are excellent about efficiently heating a home. So, I took it. Then when the first frost was scheduled, I pulled down all the storm windows and made a trip to the hardware store for Winter time supplies. For just $20, I was able to seal every window with shrink wrap. All it took was a few minutes with my hair dryer to make it so you couldn’t even tell the plastic was there. The home has a lot of windows, so it took about numerous hours to complete. However, my heating bill has constantly been perfectly manageable, then now my proprietor loves me, because I haven’t complained once about the drafty windows.

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