Emergency house calls

I absolutely love my job, but it does have its issues just like anything else does. I worked for years to be able to get my degree to do what I love most–working in libraries. Today I work in the archives section at my local college library. It’s incredibly rewarding and wonderful work, and it even pays pretty well. My coworkers are all wonderful people, and we’re always ready to help eachother out at a moments notice, whether it’s to shift the periodicals section or just take in a large donation for the collection. The one tricky part about libraries, specifically my department in archives, is keeping yourself comfortable while maintaining the best possible preservation methods. One of the first lines of defense at a library is our heating and air conditioning system. The director always insures that air conditioning filters are changed regularly, ductwork is cleaned, and the entire system is tuned up four times a year without fail. This is because the air has to be dry, cool, and clean to keep the books in great shape–especially the older volumes in our archival section. But the thermostat setting that’s best for the books is not always best for people; the cool dry air can make your eyes water, skin crack, it can even give you a sore throat. I keep eye drops at my desk, but I can’t wear much hand lotion as it could damage the old books I work to preserve. Even with these little hiccups though, I love my job and wouldn’t give it up for anything.

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