Working for a few extra hours

It blows my  mind to think that there is very little in life that can’t be controlled through the use of an app or a program.  The cars are now given ‘brains’ and they have many features that can operate independently. I guess this can be a good thing, but I sometimes think about what happens when there is a failure in the system.  I wonder if anyone ever thinks about the person who is responsible for the input of information. They are the people who are insuring the infrastructure of a building or a city, will operate without erring. Everything needs to run as planned, but when there is a hiccup, they need to make sure they have a qualified technician to do all of their maintenance.  I guess this is why technical schools are offering so many classes for electronics and computer skills. Without these classes, there would be no one who could give me the comfort that I have in my home. Everything, from the water you drink, to the lights you see by, is controlled through electronic systems. The electrical system and even our HVAC is electronically controlled.  If you have a fully automated system, you must have a well-trained service technician to watch over them. Even when it comes to power outages, there needs to be someone to make sure the automated system turns on the generator. There will always be a field that needs a service technician who can work with automated systems. That kind of career and skills can only be learned with a comprehensive technical program.

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