This living room is comfortable

I was having a rough time trying to figure out what kind of family room furniture I wanted for our new home. I had moved away from the folks some time earlier, and I bought a small house of my own to start my life. I was in my early twenties, so I felt it was time to get the ball rolling on having some equity. My family room wasn’t overly large, but I wanted something that was going to last a lifetime! I could take into my marriage with my girlfriend (when I felt like proposing, I guess). I looked into this furnishings magazine that talked about Custom Furniture, plus a wide range of Draperies and Bedding. Some of them were really gorgeous! Problem is, they are way too expensive for me! At the advice of a friend, I attended an auction a few days later, hoping I’d find some furniture. I had saw someone brought in the most beautiful family room set I had ever seen! I was afraid it was going to be way beyond my price range, so I had to sit on the auction and drop a bid in on it. They called it Old World Estate, as the theme. There was this beautiful bed, master chest, drawer-dresser and matching mirror included. The auctioneer explained that it had a cathedral cherry veneer, with a herringbone inlay and burnished edges plus hand rubbed fonts. Did I know what any of those terms meant? Absolutely not, but I wasn’t about to let someone else have such a beautiful set! I waited until the auctioneer was about to yell “sold” before I put up my hand, bidding everything that I had planned on spending to furnish the bedroom. I’m not sure why all others stopped bidding, but I’m glad they did. Hopefully it wasn’t because I overbid – I’d hate to know that I somehow spent more on this set than needed!

old world furniture