That is okay with me

There was this house sitting on a swamp when I was a kid that my parents never stopped talking about – they bought this house with hopes of it having a good return on investment. But, as typical life goes, it got in the way and all the money they were putting into the property came to a halt. In the end, they owned a property basically until it fell apart, which has now become my burden because they are no longer here. The home sits on top of wetlands and is too soft for anything else. The home is in shambles, inside and out. The walls have been damp too long, which means they are falling down. The piping for the plumbing is all rusted out too and the houses HVAC unit did not fare so well either. The heating and cooling unit is a central one, which meant there is ductwork stretched in the walls as well as the ceiling. The ductwork has been hit with continuous moisture from the swamp water for nearly 30 years. The HVAC ducts are just rusted beyond fixing and bent out of shape. The actual HVAC unit has swamp greens growing out of it, which leads me to believe its irrationally dirty and has got some mold growing inside of it. If I wanted to fix up the home and then sell it, it would be a pretty penny to do so. I would have to find a contractor, plumber plus HVAC technician. The water ruined everything so just the HVAC alone would kill me. I would need the air ducts removed, the current Heating, Ventilation and A/C taken out plus all new Heating, Ventilation and A/C installed. I bet that would be an high bill – anyway, I would have to get the walls fixed before doing any of that.

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