I won’t settle when it comes to furniture

So last year, I had a flood in our home. The water didn’t rise too much, but the pipes broke and water came rushing through the ceiling, where it got into my overstuffed sofa. You would know that water could be dried out, but not when it is in a sofa that nearly a hundred years old! When you realize that it is ancient horsehair that’s composing most of the sofa’s lining, the inside is mostly sawdust. I was sad to lose the sofa, but let’s face it: horsehair sofas are not comfortable!  I decided to go to the immense furniture store in the neighborhood and walk around, seeing each display to gather some inspiration for a new seating arrangement. I looked at modern, traditional, and transitional setups. There were themes such as French Provincial, Tuscan, plus I swear some of it had a flare of Aztec. Lovely as these themed collections were, I just wanted something that would be comfortable to curl up in! If I can have a wonderful book in hand, and fall asleep while reading, it’s good enough for me. I found a soft leather sofa, which felt like butter beneath my hand from how smooth and comfy it was to the touch. I had to have the sofa! My husband loved it too, mostly because it had a recliner in the side which allowed his large body to truly relax. The two of us couldn’t wait for it to be delivered to our place! Before it arrived, I realized my husband and I never measured the new couch! Thankfully, my husband smiled and explained how he collected measurements over the phone after they left. When the couch was delivered, it fit like a glove in place of the old sofa. We were so glad to have our fancy new couch!