Better technology

I was really upset when my son came home and told me that he wasn’t going to go to college, but instead he was going into the military.  I know what the world is like today and I have to admit that I feared he would never come back to me. I cried for three days thinking about his going to war.  When he told his father and I that he wanted to work with missile systems, I became even more distraught. I was nothing but a bundle of nerves until he finally got home.  We realized that the three years he spent training on missile systems, had also set him up for a good career when he came home. He found out that his newfound knowledge had enabled him to build a foundation for designing automated heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in large industrial buildings, skyscrapers and even large hospital compounds.  Building automation really isn’t that much different than the automation he used for the missile. Missile systems weren’t just for firing the missiles, but the electronic instruments that monitored temperatures and took care of the smaller systems that optimized for the safety of our troops. After all of this, working with HVAC systems was a breeze for my son.  He was able to design automated HVAC systems that worked with multiple area, multiple temperatures and multiple air quality parameters, and had them running properly all at the same time. They also monitored the air quality and the temperature of a space according to the number of people in that area. He is using all that he learned and he is making a good salary while doing what he loves.