The central heating system is breaking down

The last thing I ever believed I would purchase in my lifetime, has become the appliance in my property that I rely on the most. I live in the Northeast, where our winters are so absurdly dry that your hands can very easily crack open and bleed if you’re not very careful. I have never been concerned about having too much moisture in the air, but all of that changed when I moved into a property with poor air quality. My little underground property has a lot of troubles with the air, just one of them being the excess moisture. I’m grateful that it never gets intensely dry in Winter anymore, but without central a/c, the summer time humidity becomes a true problem. In the winter, the dampness creates this annoying chilly air that never absolutely goes away. That’s why I solved the problem by purchasing a dehumidifier, instead of a portable AC unit. While even a small a/c unit will use a ton of power to run–thus causing your utility bill to spike–a dehumidifier requires very little power at all. My property has a couple–one large one for the main living area, and a smaller one for my own bedroom. The large one is actually a 70s model that my property owner keeps up. I only have to change the air filter every month for it. The dehumidifier in my own bedroom is a nice quiet model that I can use while I am getting some sleep. The greater dehumidifier has its own humidistat built in, so it will easily shut off when the area reaches the acceptable level of dryness. With the excess moisture removed from the air, I am typically sizzling in the Winter and perfectly cool in the summer months.

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