I’m finally recovering

One of our favorite things I enjoy on a Sunday night is to take a ride downtown to the lakeshore and watch the sunset over the water. This Summer every one of us have been disappointed, however, because of the fact that are experiencing 1 of the hottest seasons on record. The fact that it is still over 69 degrees as the sunshine is setting makes it a easily uncomfortable time.  The humidity levels at night rarely drops below ninety percent and every one of us have to rest in the car with the cooling system running. Not exactly the most romantic way to watch the sunshine go down. I feel I should be thankful for having a/c in the car to begin with. It is just that I enjoy the smell of the water, breeze in our face, and sounds of the seabirds. I can’t care about any of that while resting in the car.  The cold air coming from the vents does not compare to a fresh 1 from over the water. My husband tried making it better by purchasing 1 of those CD’s with ocean sounds and a “beach” scented air fresheners. I have to give him credit for the efforts but I just couldn’t relax and get into the sunset mood. I am hoping that once Fall arrives and the rapidly adjusting temperatures start to cool off every one of us can resume our Sunday night strolls along the water and watch the sunset enjoy every one of us used to. This tepid and muggy Summer can not end soon enough for me.  Not cooling off at night is the worst part by far.

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