I did the maintenance we needed

Awhile ago i got a new job working from home and I love it. There is one problem though that whenever I get up to do something, I get easily distracted.  I can get up to change the temperature because it is too cold or too hot and I end up being up for more than 2 hours. Shortly after I got my new job i had  some work done on the HVAC system, and I had them put in place a smart thermometer. I had considered them before I even called the HVAC company in the future out. I looked into obtaining a new system for my office itself, but in the end the ultimate way to go was the smart thermometer. My provider was able to connect it to my  phone so that I can change the temperature whether I am not home. These have done great for my concentration as i am trying to work. These have also helped with my utility bill wonderfully. My power bill has been cut in two now because I am able make sure that the temperature is set to where it has to be all throughout the day. I have been so happy with the new thermometer since i got it. I have even gotten a mini fridge so that I don’t need to leave my office unless I must use the bathroom. I am able to get twice the maximum amount of work done, I would tell anyone who has a home based job to get a smart thermostat.