Getting right to the point

My trip to the ice cream shop saved the life of my air conditioning device last week. I usually have to work from our office in the city, however this month was odd thanks to the fact that our office was getting the ventilation updated, so work was cancelled for that afternoon. I never have several mornings off, so I was clueless on what to do. I headed down to the local ice cream shop as well as struck up a conversation with one of the people there. Somehow every one of us ended up talking about heating and cooling systems, because he had a background as a heating and A/C maintenance repairman. I joked with him about how I might need his help because our air conditioning device unit has been acting super weird, then he asked me for some more concrete details–it sounded to him it might be worse than I am making it out to be. I told him how it had been making this unusual screeching sound as well as constantly turning off and on even when I wasn’t in the home. He told me that meant the device had deep errors within the framework that could lead to sparks, even fires. He went on to tell me of a really spine-chilling story of one of his buddies whose house burned down to the ground because he had similar concerns with his air conditioning device that I had, which he didn’t do anything about it. I was so shocked at the information that I was hearing! I instantaneously called our local heating and A/C maintenance guy to come as well as repair up my air conditioning device unit. I really don’t care what the cost comes out to be at this point. It’s better than my lake house burning down.

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