This heater is very new

 For several weeks, I had been seeing this guy but still doubted whether our relationship was going anywhere… He is handsome but that was hardly enough. His nice looks was really a plus but I also wanted a guy who would be there for me, someone I could lean on when things got tough. Then the evening came when I made him dinner.

                 It started off absolutely great, with him praising me on the food as well as on how nice I looked; An earlier glitch in the Heating, Ventilation plus A/C performance seemed to have been temporary, so we were blissfully enjoying our meal in air conditioned comfort. We were in the middle of the main course when the room began to sizzle and I noticed tiny beads of sweat on my guy’s forehead. The Heating, Ventilation plus A/C! Despite the A/C tech’s recent tune up, the unit was clearly malfunctioning. In a panic, I excused myself and rushed to check the thermostat. The setting was still on low but air was getting stufier by the minute.

              I hadn’t even noticed my date standing by me till he quieting confirmed that my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C unit was obviously out. Then he smiled, held my hand  and told me not to worry; everything would fine. Quickly, he opened up the windows and enquired if I had a fan stashed away someplace.. I was heading to the closet but he split me off, found the fan, dusted it off and set it up beside our table. I was amazed as well as undoubtedly  impressed. We finished our dinner, joking as well as giggling as if nothing had happened.

              Yes, this was my man!

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