I talked to my friends for a while

In our bathroom we have a tile floor, I mean the real 12 x 12 tiles, none of that fake stuff, however appealing they are and almost perfect. But the darn things are so cold, that in the morning, I wake up at 6:30 am & where I live, it is often an unquestionably frigid morning. I turn the alarm off, I stretch, I walk to the bathroom from our carpeted floor and BAM, our feet are instantly frozen. Our bathroom tile is so frigid it almost hurts to walk on them. The gas furnace is on in the apartment and it works perfectly. Why are our floors so cold? Even after a warm shower they are still cold. I told my hubby I need radiant floors and he told me and  to put slippers on. Then after our neighbor down the road got them and we felt them first hand, my wonderful hubby is now entirely considering it. It is amazing the difference it makes. Sure, the gas furnace on in the apartment makes the air feel nice & toasty however what about our feet? A working Heating & A/C system can only take you so far. I want our feet to feel as warm and cozy as the rest of myself does. I can’t believe my hubby is considering it now. I am so happy that I talked our friends into getting the radiant floors first. Of course, my hubby doesn’t need to know that part. All he needs to know is he won’t have my frigid feet poking him when I get into the bed anymore.

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